Orientalischer Abend mit odilia – 20 April 2024


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Experience an oriental evening with Odilia on April 20, 2024 from 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm: live Oud music, delicious Arabic food and an exclusive insight into the production.



An exquisite evening with Odilia

Saturday, April 20, 2023

from 6:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m

Discover our passion.

Our Oriental Evening offers you the unique opportunity to gain a deeper insight into the world of odilia:
Why was odilia founded? Who is actually behind it? How and where does all the magic happen?

Of course, you will be able to enjoy various home-made Arabic dishes. Authentic Arabic live Oud music, which comes from the roots of Arabic culture, will make this evening unforgettable.

The program of the Oriental Evening includes:

  • Welcome speech by the founders of odilia
  • Arabic food, drinks and desserts
    • 5 cold and 2 warm starters (vegan options available)
    • 2 main courses (vegan options available)
    • Drinks (alcoholic and non-alcoholic)
    • Dessert by Odilia
  • a visit to production
  • Live Oud music


We start our oriental evening with a speech by the founders, Saeda Abualhawa and Saeed Al Tayeb, to introduce Odilia.

Saeda Abualhawa is a nutritionist and co-founder of Odilia. Through her academic studies and many years of experience, Saeda knows the benefits of dates and therefore uses them in all Odilia products as an alternative to sugar in order to benefit from nutrients such as fiber, minerals and vitamins. which are naturally contained in dates.
Many new ideas and products are waiting to see the light of day in the near future, says Saeda. It is our pleasure to offer the community what is healthy and delicious.

The factory visit includes an explanation of the products and the manufacturing process, as well as some information on the nutritional value and benefits of dates and the numerous ways to use them as a healthy alternative to sugar.

On this short journey into the world of Odilia, visitors can taste the freshest products straight from factory to mouth.


The evening includes live music with original oriental oud presented by Saeed Al-Tayeb, who has prepared some compositions for the most famous musicians of the Middle East, as well as traditional music.

The music presented by Saeed Al-Tayeb is Sufi and spiritual music, which harmoniously combines the authenticity of Eastern music with Western musical technique.

This music belongs to the expressive school of music, that music that expresses the feelings and thoughts of the musician or composer in order to share them with the audience and listeners.

For example, a piece of music entitled: ” Bouquet of Jasmine for Granada “, composed by Saeed Al-Tayeb.


Werk Eins Makerspace, Door 7
Schwabacherstr. 510, 90763 Fürth

Please note:
Film and sound recordings as well as photos will be made at the event, which you agree to be used later by attending the event.

Tickets purchased can be returned or refunded up to a maximum of 3 weeks before the event. After that, a refund is unfortunately no longer possible for organizational reasons!